The Jennifer and Gregory Louie Foundation for Cerebral Palsy
The Jennifer and Gregory Louie Foundation for Cerebral Palsy is a private foundation that was established to help both children and adults with Cerebral Palsy enhance their mobility, quality of life, and independence within their communities.

Canada Revenue Agency Number

84999 8885 RR0001


We are currently accepting grant applications for 2016.


Fundraising Events:

Success Stories: 

In 2014, the JGL Foundation was able to provide over $17,000 in grants to 15 individuals for the following pieces of equipment and therapy.




Grant Amount

4 year old girl

Physical therapy

$1500/partial grant

9 year old girl

Physical therapy

$1500/partial grant

14 year old girl

Lift for entrance into home

$1500/partial grant

2 year old boy

Specialized high chair

$526.18/full grant

Adult male

Adaptive cupholder, car seat support, and WC platform for his communication device

$875/full grant

21 year old male

Adaptations to powerwheelchair

$3000/partial grant

6 year old girl

AFOs (leg braces)

$1050/full grant

4 year old twin boys

Elevator for their home

$2500/partial grant

17 year old boy

Gait trainer (walker)

$1148.60/full grant

7 year old boy

Poncho to use with wheelchair

$317.09/full grant

5 year old boy

AFOs (leg braces)

$1150/full grant

2 year twin girls

Aquatic therapy

$2000/partial grant

12 year old boy

Specialized shoes

$115/full grant


Encouraging Words from Applicants and their Families:

(1)     Thank you so much for your generous contribution to Asher and Nolan’s new platform lift!  It makes a world of difference to not only the boys, but also to us, their parents, who no longer need to carry them down a flight of stairs.  Safety and independence for all of us have been achieved by your generous contribution.


(2)    First of all, we want to again express our sincere thanks for the funding towards Tyler’s specialty power wheelchair and the adaptive technology that he uses on it.  It is vital to his use of computer and therefore enables him to go to college.  It may seem like this is a small piece in his life, but really it’s the smooth working of the small pieces that makes the whole work the way it should.


Tyler loves learning and for him to be able to attend post-secondary schooling is his life-it helps him to be a better person and let’s other also benefit from having an opportunity to have a relationship with him.  He has a lot to offer.  Thank you for making this possible.


(3)     Before I got my specialized drink holder, I was reliant on other people to hold my drink for me.  Now I have more freedom to drink at my own pace and don’t have to rely on others.  Before I had the Obus foam back rest with lateral support, my attendant had to push me upright while driving because I kept leaning to the left side.  It has made it easier for him to drive and me to sit.  It has been great.


(4)    We received a grant to help cover the costs of my son’s power wheelchair that will also support his communication device as well as any lap top or desktop computer!  We are extremely appreciative of the JGL Foundation for enabling our boy Sidney to increase his independence.  It is the utmost importance to level the playing field for children like our son and with the JGL’s contribution we are able to do just that!


(5)    We are grateful to have found your program and to have received funding because we have maxed out on our personal insurance and resources and Keira really needed to start the physiotherapy now since she received botox injections in July.  Thank you so much!